Welcome to the Kids Open Dictionary Builder.

The purpose of this project is to create a free, open simple dictionary for students to use. This dictionary will ultimately be published in a variety of formats and for multiple platforms.

To add to this project, find a word you'd like to write a definition for or click "Instant Karma" for a random word. Please consult the style guidelines for editorial information.

Don't be shy! Whatever you do doesn't have to be perfect; we'll all build on it and make it better. Just jump in and add something.

If you'd like to become an editor on this project or you'd like to attend or host a workshop on Open Ed, contact us. Thank you!

News and Status Updates

5/16/13 - We now have over 10,000 words defined and have had many groups and users drawing on our data for a variety of educational products. Thanks to everyone who's participating!

7/1/11 - We've added a new feature to the dictionary that lets you create mobile flashcards for vocabulary words. Here are the instructions for how to do this.

7/1/10 - Happy 2nd birthday to the Kids Open Dictionary! We now have over 8,400 words defined, and the glossary builder is being used around the world. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and keep watching for new developments.

2/14/10 - The Moodle glossary builder is up! More directions are available here.

12/31/09 - 30% of the words (over 7,300 words) now have a definition! Thanks, and happy new year everyone!

12/23/09 - All the words beginning with X, Y, and Z now have definitions!

4/17/09 - 20% of the words (5,000 words) now have a definition! Special recognition to contributors Algot Runeman and a new anonymous contributor from Orange County, CA.

12/15/08 - Thanks to students at Hershey Middle School who contributed to the dictionary by adding their weekly vocabulary words!

9/26/08 - MAJOR MILESTONE: 10% of our total words now have a definition! Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

9/8/08 - Check out the glossary builder for an easy way to create glossaries for your own classroom units. If you have a word list for a unit, send it to us and we can prioritize defining those words. x

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